Tracking Flitter
Hunting Delinquints
More escapees

Before taking him back to prison, we ask Terminal about what he can tell us regarding the remaining escapees. He only knows of two others:


A 12 year old female speedster. She is quiet and intense, and was in jail for severely beating several innocent people. Her real name is Sarah Blockman.

Andrew Sharpe

A young member of the evil cult, The Entropians. He grew up in a family of sorcerers, and enjoys evil, mayhem, and torture. Plus, he paints his fingernails black.

Following the interview, we take Terminal back to the prison, and tell the warden that he came willingly. The warden grudgingly believes us. Lid-X asks for the files on Sarah Blockman and Andrew Sharpe. The warden refuses, stating that they’re still juveniles and their records are sealed. However, he’s willing to answer any questions to the limits of his abilities.

Warden tells the story of how Flitter believes she’s a vigilante hunting an evil organization. Those are the people she beat up. Her parents have a degenerative brain disorder and they’re in a psych ward. Flitter fantasized that an evil cabal was responsible for their sickness and began to seek it out.

We get the word out on the street that we’re looking for a young speedster and an escaped Entropian. Finally, the warden calls us and gives us the location of Flitter’s parents.

We go to the care facility where Mr. and Mrs. Blockman are staying. They are in a vegetative state and seemingly undisturbed. However, there’s a letter lying on the dresser from Sarah. The note says that she loves them and will take vengeance on those who put them in this state.

We review the security camera video and do see a speedster racing through the hallway. Just a short blur on the screen followed by a whoosh of wind that disturbs all the clipboards hanging on the walls. Reviewing the tapes, we see her speeding out of the care facility toward one of the city areas ruined by the crash of a Neg’Tok ship. We know that no one should be there, so it should be easy to find her if she’s still there. So, we head into the disaster area.

We follow Flitter into the abandoned area, looking left and right into the ruins for possible ambush. Retread leads on his motorcycle, with Frank and Midnight following in the Hummer. Lid-X flies 40m above, fully alert. Unfortunately, no one sees the three armored figures hiding behind a hunk of ruined scrap metal.

Without warning, they jump out and begin firing their laser rifles. The first takes an aimed shot at Retread, striking him square in the chest. His partner fires his laser at full power into the engine block of the Hummer. At that point, Frank realized that his “HMMV” is actually a cheap Chinese knockoff. The engine instantly melts, forcing them out. Midnight jumps from the ruined Hummer and immediately turns invisible, gliding towards the enemies. Meanwhile, the final assailant fires into the sky, hitting Lid-X, and nearly knocking him out.

Reacting as fast as he could, Retread guns his motorcycle to full acceleration, hitting 80kph by the time he reaches the 3 men. Steering directly into one of the assailants, he rams him at full speed. At just the last moment, Retread hops up onto the seat and backflips off the tail of the bike. Somersaulting in the air, he ignites his whip, which coils in the air like a gymnastic ribbon dancer. He executes a perfect 10 landing in front of the second assailant. Meanwhile, the bike crashes into the other enemy pulling him down and dragging him 6m.

Before he’s even able to stand, Lid-X drops into a steep dive and fires an electro-bolt into the downed enemy. Twitching from the shock, he collapses, knocked out.

Facing down the two remaining, Retread dodges as one tries to smash him with the butt of a laser rifle. Reacting immediately, his whip cracks out and wraps around the rifle. With a quick jerk, he yanks it from the soldier’s hands and sends it flying off into the ruins. Hands empty, the assailant takes off running. The third soldier turns to look, unaware of the invisible Midnight, who appears suddenly, his katana slashing and bringing down the hapless soldier.

The final assailant, having been disarmed, runs a short distance and draws a laser pistol. With a quick snap shot, he manages to take down Lid-X. Overwhelmed by the energy beam, Lid-X collapses on the ground, knocked out.

Following his laser shot, the soldier draws a grenade from his belt and flings it, sending it sailing through the air toward Retread and Midnight. They share a look and then dive into the air, trying to escape the incoming grenade. Each one manages to hit the deck and cover as the grenade goes off, but the shrapnel still rakes them both, lightly wounding them. Neither is knocked out, though, and they quickly surround the grenade tosser and beat him into submission.

In the end, all three assailants are battered and bruised but alive. The GCG ties them up and prepares to continue further in to find Flitter.

Chasing Escapees
Prison Break

With nothing to do but wait on Terminal to analyze the intercepted text message, the The Gossamer City Guardians head out into Gossamer City on patrol.

The aftermath of the war has turned Gossamer City into a haven for refugees. Tent cities are everywhere, and lots of people are living in their cars. Tempers are high, but people restrain themselves.

At one point, the GCG finds two young men shoving each other. One, a boy about 15, accuses the other of stealing his food.

To keep them from coming to blows, Frank hoists them both into the air by their collars. They struggle and call him names, and the surrounding crowd starts to get angry, as they’d been hoping to see a fight. Eventually, Frank calms everyone down and sets the two boys back on the ground.

Telling the accused thief to take a hike, we stay talk to the other, Stan. He has been taking care of his 10 year old sister after their parents were killed. Retread gives him $50 and a “You’re a good person for taking care of your sister” speech. In addition, he gives the boy his cell phone number and tells him to call if he ever needs help. The rest of the patrol is uneventful.

Prison break at Warren G. Harding Memorial Prison. This is the same place where Retread spent the last 5 years. Knowing that it’s full of juvenile hero and villain wanna-bes, the team sets out to recapture the escapees.

Lid-X is the first on the scene, noticing lots of cop cars and news vans. Landing in the middle of it all, he asks to speak to someone in charge.

He is taken to speak with Lieutenant Turnbuckle and Warden Phelps. He learns that 6 inmates are currently unaccounted for. As the rest of the GCG pulls up, Lid-X tells them the news and takes to the skies looking for escapees.

Very quickly, Lid spots someone in an orange jumpsuit running through an industrial park. Swooping down out of the sky, he pushes him down on the ground. At that point, he realizes that the prisoner is between 11 and 12 years old. Thinking fast, he grabs the kid and takes off. Recovering from shock, the kid starts to struggle, but Lid-X tells him, “Be calm or I’ll drop you.”

To this, the boy replies by uttering a mystic phrase, activating some unknown power. At that point he begins to get extremely heavy, and Lid-X begins to be dragged towards the ground. Unable to maintain his grip, he lets go and drops the boy to the ground. He hits the ground on his feet and starts running.

As he tries to get away, Lid-X lands and charges up. He hits the kid full in the back with an electric blast, knocking him off his feet. He lays on the ground, gravely wounded. Not wanting to kill the child, Lid-X grabs him and quickly flies him to the hospital infirmary. They’re happy to have him back, but angry that Lid-X was so violent with a child.

Meanwhile, Frank asks one of the cops if he can take one of the remaining prisoners aside to interrogate him. Unfortunately for all, it’s a lady cop, and Frank’s condescending nature gets the better of him. He tells her that she should let a man handle such matters, and tells him there’s no way he’s getting near the prisoners.

Ignoring her altogether, he simply leaps over her and lands amongst the prisoners. Choosing one, he quickly asks who the escapees are and where they went. The prisoner points to the east and says, “I saw one go that way.” Frank, Retread, and Midnight all drive off to the east, looking for orange jumpsuits.

In a matter of minutes, they reach a populated area. Retread begins asking bystanders if they have seen anyone in orange jumpsuits. Not finding much help, he gets an idea.

Parking his motorcycle, he runs to Frank’s truck. Retread points to the top of a nearby building and says, “Throw me!” Without a moment’s hesitation, Frank hoists him up and prepares to throw. “Don’t rip the suit!” says Retread.

With great ease, Frank tosses Retread high into the air. Retread’s whip arcs out, catching a metal balcony rail. Twisting in the air, Retread propels himself upward and winds up landing on a nearby roof. From there, he begins running parallel to the street, but his bird’s eye view gives him a greater view of the city. Frank hops back in the Hummer and begins following from the street.

On the street, Frank finds an abandoned orange jumpsuit. With no further leads, they don’t know where to go.

Frank’s phone rings and it’s the warden. They have finally compiled a list of all the missing prisoners. It’s a short list, and the last name on it is Terminal. Somehow, Retread’s good friend has been marked as the ringleader of the escape!

Temp title for September ??

super synopsis:

fought the ninja, beat him up dirk got the serum mission accomplished for now, he left to go take it back to the dept. everyone got a text message afterwards, ‘don’t trust dirk. -T’ Frank takes it to Tom Stone his contact in the CIA, but he can’t help much due to overwhelming workload right now Retread takes it to Terminal in prison, for him to try to trace the message.

Neg'Tok and Ninjas
How far can you throw a ninja's corpse?

After realizing the that the Neg’Tok warship was sentient, but had the mind of a child, the Guardians no longer want to hurt it. Instead, they ask the Artificial Intelligentsia (AI) if there is anything they can do to help.

After scanning the ship, the AI reports that it actually has DNA very similar to one of the members of the AI. This arouses Frank’s suspicions. “Are you harboring a stinking Taco? Are you giving away our secrets?” he demands.

The AI is quick to explain that the DNA of the living ship is quite different than that of the Neg’Tok soldiers, meaning the ships must be somehow enslaved or domesticated.

Getting bored, the Guardians decide to return to the other Neg’Tok ship that was crawling with Scrane. Perhaps by now, the Scrane had forgotten that Frank had broken some of their stuff.

Arriving at the ship, they find the Scrane’s bazaar empty, and upon closer inspection, they find a couple of Scrane corpses. From the blood and gore, it is easy to tell that they were killed with some sort of cutting weapon.

Creeping inside the ship, they find a few more Scrane corpses. However, beside them they find two human corpses dressed like ninjas. On the front of their ninja outfits is a symbol of a fist, the same symbol that was found tattooed on a severed hand many months back.

For fun, Frank picks up one of the ninja corpses and hoists him in front as a human shield. “Let’s go find your buddies,” he says, chuckling.

Sneaking down the corridor, Retread scouts ahead, looking for enemies. Catching them unawares, he finds two more ninjas guarding a door.

Instead of just attacking, the Guardians hatch a crazy plan to draw the ninjas into a trap. Using his superhuman strength, Frank throws one of the corpses down the corridor at the ninjas. Feeling suspicious, they leave the door to investigate the mysterious corpse. Hiding in the shadows, Retread waits until they’re close enough, at which point he jumps out, whip crackling with electricity.

In a flash, Retread binds one of the ninjas with his energy whip. However, the other ninja darts in, katana at the ready. Despite his best attempts to dodge, Retread is quickly reeling from multiple cuts, and nearly faints.

With a flash of light, one of the ninjas blinds Frank. Unable to see his opponents, he listens for their footsteps and swings wildly at the sound. Sensing his weakness, one of the ninjas slides in and slashes savagely. However, Frank’s thick skin refuses to be cut. The ninja repeatedly cuts at Frank, but every time the blade slides harmlessly across the grizzled soldier.

Finally, Retread and Lid-X manage to subdue one of the ninjas, and Frank manages to subdue the other. To teach them a lesson, Frank snaps both their swords and tosses them on the ground in front of them. For shameless self promotion, Retread carves “GCG” into the wall above the unconscious adversaries. Dirk has a good laugh at this and asks, “We’ve got better things to do than carve our names in little hearts.” Angered by this, Retread carves “Dirk” into another wall, along with a crude drawing of a penis. No one finds it particularly clever, but Retread has a good chuckle.

Sufficiently rested, they open the door that the ninjas were guarding, and find another control room, similar to the one where they battled the Neg’Tok super-soldier. Surprisingly, this time, in the center of the room is a large ninja hooked up to all the wires and tubes. He seems unaware of the Guardians, and is intent on the fluids flowing into him.

Taking the opportunity to do a little damage, Frank rips a computer console out of the wall and throws it at the ninja. The console smashes into the equipment, snapping several wires and tearing some hoses. At this, the huge ninja turns to face the Guardians, and they immediately see that the alien chemicals have mutated him and made him crazy.

With that, he charges at the Guardians, screaming “Get away, it’s mine!”

The sentient warship
Neg'Tok Jellyfish Warship = Jelly Taco

The Taco warship’s organic core rises from the wreckage of the hull. It looks like a greenish jellyfish floating in the air. Some of the hull wreckage still clings to the alien, giving it a junkyard look.

The AI bots on the ground try to make contact with the ship, but are unable. After a short period, the air around the ship begins to pulsate and our heroes start to get a little antsy.

In a sudden flash, two more Taco ships appear. They slowly start to circle the other ship, and Retread says it looks a lot like a video game boss monster where the main boss has its little cronies circling it for defense.

Frank picks up a nearby wrecked car and hucks it up into the air, smashing it into one of the ships. Surprisingly, it does a fair amount of damage, seriously denting the ship’s armor. Remembering that the main ship is alive, Frank tries to use his life drain on it.

The purple ray projects at the ship, striking it clearly. Frank can feel the life energy siphoning back to him, and the ship begins to shrivel and the orbiting cronies wobble in their orbits. The ship makes a chittering sound, and begins wailing.

BR545 asks why Frank is wasting his time throwing cars into the air. Quickly Frank realizes that BR545 cannot see the new ships at all. Are they real or an illusion?

Retread yells at BR545, “Can’t you see all the jelly tacos up there?” At that moment, Frank hits it one last time and it wobbles to the ground. Beside it, the two smaller ships crack up and crash, but the rubble disappears when it hits the ground.

On the ground, the heroes see several Neg’Tok figures around the ship. Thankful that things are finally making sense, Retread charges in, whip at the ready. To his great surprise, the Tacos turn around and jump through the skin of the ship! He shrieks in rage at being thwarted, and throws a rock at the ship. One of the Tacos forms out of the skin, grabs the rock, throws it away, and melds back in.

Hatching a plan, Retread approaches, whip in hand, and throws another rock. As soon as a Taco materializes, he lashes out with his whip, dragging it out. Once it separates from the ship, it shimmers and becomes a tentacle, which retracts to the ship. Frustrated beyond belief, Retread charges at the ship and tries to jump inside like the Tacos.

Landing on the soft, squishy skin of the ship, Retread suddenly experiences a vision. He is floating in outer-space, but luckily has his whip and his motorcycle. “What the heck? Let’s see if the bike works in space…” Climbing on, he finds that he can ride just fine in the vastness of space.

To Frank and Midnight, they see Retread laying on the soft squishy side of the alien ship. Coming closer, Midnight reaches out and drags him off. Disconnected from the ship, his vision abruptly ends and he wakes up groggy.

To clean up:

  • Dirk moves away and the vision vanishes
  • ship turns out to be an infant
  • can only communicate by projecting images

Notable quotes

“I’m going to give myself a 12d6 pleasure field.”

- Micah (just as a stranger walks by the gaming table)

Rats in the city
  • Met the Artificial Intelligentsia, a group of robots that wanted to make contact with and awaken a Taco ship. We told them to be careful.
  • We went to another ship to retrieve another artifact.
  • The Scrane, a race of mercantile ratmen, had claimed the ship. The leader wanted $2 million for the artifact.
  • We tried to strong-arm the leader, and we broke some of his stuff. This apparently was a capital crime in the Scrane culture, and the leader instantly attacked.
  • The nearby Scrane showed a special power as they began to merge with one another, growing into a large super-being.
  • At this point, we hightailed it out of there to wait for them to calm down.
Met more weirdos

After knocking out the Micelli goons, someone in the party suggested they steal the goons’ shoes while they’re knocked out. I don’t think there was a specific reason for this, except to be mean. Well, and I guess the fact that they were Air Jordans made the decision easier. The heroes (plus Dirk) didn’t have time to play a pick-up game of B-ball, so they just threw the shoes into a trash pile outside the spaceship. Dirk then used his tracking device to lead them to the next location. As they were leaving the ship, they noticed three creatures that seemed to be working on the side of the ship. One was a robot humanoid, one a floating spherical robot, and the last was a humanoid that seemed to be made of crystal. Since the ship was now government property, the heroes went over to see what the trio was up to.

The three robots were very nice and said they were members of the Artificial Intelligencia, a union-type organization for AI beings. They were very polite and told the party they plan to make the ship “aware”. They agree to make sure the ship’s weapon systems are disabled beforehand. They also take Retread’s mobile number and promise to call if something goes wrong.

The heroes then walked to the next ship on Dirk’s hand-held display. The ship was about the same class as the last ship. Outside the ship was a large encampment of small humanoids. They had rat-like facial features and some fur. Along with tents for shelter, they also were setting up market tents as if they were opening up a bazaar. The rat-midgets were blatantly stripping the ship and selling the parts less than 100 ft. away. Since the ship was officially government property, Dirk was not pleased with this.

Retread asks one of the shopkeepers if he can talk to the leader of the group. The shopkeeper kept trying to steer the conversation to us buying something. He finally points to one of his comrades and tells the party to talk to the “Shopmaster”. The Shopmaster was currently engaged in another conversation. So while they waited, Retread asked Dirk what he thought of superheroes. Dirk coldly replied, “Would it bother you being a candle standing next to the Sun?” When they finally got to talk to the shopmaster, the party got nowhere trying to convince them to leave peacefully. So it seems we must once again resort to violence. Dirk runs away at this point.

Aliens and Mobsters
Battle on the Taco warship

The scream of the Neg’Tok warrior scared the living crap out of everyone, but especially the Ninja. With his resolve broken, he quavered and started running for the exit.

With a commanding voice, Frank tells everyone to pull it together and keep fighting. With their resolve wavering, they manage to stand their ground and face the evil Taco.

Retread’s whip flashes out and wraps up the Taco warrior. Frank steps forward and drains the Taco’s lifeforce.

The Ninja quickly realizes that the warrior is gaining strength from all the tubes connected to him. Moving in behind the Taco, the Ninja begins slicing at the tubes. They prove to be very resilient, but he eventually manages to sever them, and a flood of nutrient fluids pours out onto the floor.

With repeated drainings from Frank and continual squeezing from Retread, the Taco warrior slowly gets worn down. His screams become less and less forceful, and eventually he collapses, silent.

Immediately, an argument ensues as to what to do with the unconscious alien. Frank wants to finish it off, but Retread refuses to go along with it. Even killing an evil alien goes against everything he believes in.

Looking for guidance, they ask Dirk. What would the Department of Metahuman Affairs want? Unfortunately, Dirk professes to have no opinion whatsoever. Kill or not kill, it doesn’t matter to him.

Finally, they agree to allow it to live, and Frank drags it out of the ship. However, outside the ship, and out of the view of Retread, Frank finishes off the hideous alien by draining the last of its remaining life force.

Frank drags the alien outside the ship, where he puts it out of his misery, after Dirk describes how it’s suffering as a result of botched experimentation. Dirk grabs an orange vial from inside a locker and they leave.

As they go to leave the ship, the GCG sees some Micelli goons dressed in nice 30s era gangster suits. Retread tells them to get the hell out. Some back and forth blustering ensues, but the goons make it clear that they have no intention of leaving.

Getting frustrated, Retread ignites his whip and charges one of the goons. Much to Retread’s surprise, the goon lifts both his legs off the ground and begins floating in mid-air. Drawing out small finger symbols, he softly clanks them, saying clearly, “Show me the face you had before you were born.”

The nonsensical Zen Cone takes Retread completely by surprise. Pain explodes in his brain and he staggers against the wall. Forcing himself to concentrate, he manages to lash out with his whip at the floating goon.

The force of Retread’s whip destabilizes the goon and he falls against a wall. With a purple flash, Franks beams a life draining attack against one of the other goons. Lid-X tries to fly into one, but he misses. The Ninja attacks with his sword and manages to score a hit.

When the goon recovers, he again faces Retread and asks, “What is the sound of one hand clapping.” This time, Retread is unable to fight off the pain. His eyes roll back into his head and he collapses in a heap, unconscious.

Luckily, the other members of the GCG are better able to fight the pain. With Retread incapacitated, the other GCG members are able to bring down the goons.


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