Aliens and Mobsters

Battle on the Taco warship

The scream of the Neg’Tok warrior scared the living crap out of everyone, but especially the Ninja. With his resolve broken, he quavered and started running for the exit.

With a commanding voice, Frank tells everyone to pull it together and keep fighting. With their resolve wavering, they manage to stand their ground and face the evil Taco.

Retread’s whip flashes out and wraps up the Taco warrior. Frank steps forward and drains the Taco’s lifeforce.

The Ninja quickly realizes that the warrior is gaining strength from all the tubes connected to him. Moving in behind the Taco, the Ninja begins slicing at the tubes. They prove to be very resilient, but he eventually manages to sever them, and a flood of nutrient fluids pours out onto the floor.

With repeated drainings from Frank and continual squeezing from Retread, the Taco warrior slowly gets worn down. His screams become less and less forceful, and eventually he collapses, silent.

Immediately, an argument ensues as to what to do with the unconscious alien. Frank wants to finish it off, but Retread refuses to go along with it. Even killing an evil alien goes against everything he believes in.

Looking for guidance, they ask Dirk. What would the Department of Metahuman Affairs want? Unfortunately, Dirk professes to have no opinion whatsoever. Kill or not kill, it doesn’t matter to him.

Finally, they agree to allow it to live, and Frank drags it out of the ship. However, outside the ship, and out of the view of Retread, Frank finishes off the hideous alien by draining the last of its remaining life force.

Frank drags the alien outside the ship, where he puts it out of his misery, after Dirk describes how it’s suffering as a result of botched experimentation. Dirk grabs an orange vial from inside a locker and they leave.

As they go to leave the ship, the GCG sees some Micelli goons dressed in nice 30s era gangster suits. Retread tells them to get the hell out. Some back and forth blustering ensues, but the goons make it clear that they have no intention of leaving.

Getting frustrated, Retread ignites his whip and charges one of the goons. Much to Retread’s surprise, the goon lifts both his legs off the ground and begins floating in mid-air. Drawing out small finger symbols, he softly clanks them, saying clearly, “Show me the face you had before you were born.”

The nonsensical Zen Cone takes Retread completely by surprise. Pain explodes in his brain and he staggers against the wall. Forcing himself to concentrate, he manages to lash out with his whip at the floating goon.

The force of Retread’s whip destabilizes the goon and he falls against a wall. With a purple flash, Franks beams a life draining attack against one of the other goons. Lid-X tries to fly into one, but he misses. The Ninja attacks with his sword and manages to score a hit.

When the goon recovers, he again faces Retread and asks, “What is the sound of one hand clapping.” This time, Retread is unable to fight off the pain. His eyes roll back into his head and he collapses in a heap, unconscious.

Luckily, the other members of the GCG are better able to fight the pain. With Retread incapacitated, the other GCG members are able to bring down the goons.



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