Hunting Delinquints

More escapees

Before taking him back to prison, we ask Terminal about what he can tell us regarding the remaining escapees. He only knows of two others:


A 12 year old female speedster. She is quiet and intense, and was in jail for severely beating several innocent people. Her real name is Sarah Blockman.

Andrew Sharpe

A young member of the evil cult, The Entropians. He grew up in a family of sorcerers, and enjoys evil, mayhem, and torture. Plus, he paints his fingernails black.

Following the interview, we take Terminal back to the prison, and tell the warden that he came willingly. The warden grudgingly believes us. Lid-X asks for the files on Sarah Blockman and Andrew Sharpe. The warden refuses, stating that they’re still juveniles and their records are sealed. However, he’s willing to answer any questions to the limits of his abilities.

Warden tells the story of how Flitter believes she’s a vigilante hunting an evil organization. Those are the people she beat up. Her parents have a degenerative brain disorder and they’re in a psych ward. Flitter fantasized that an evil cabal was responsible for their sickness and began to seek it out.

We get the word out on the street that we’re looking for a young speedster and an escaped Entropian. Finally, the warden calls us and gives us the location of Flitter’s parents.

We go to the care facility where Mr. and Mrs. Blockman are staying. They are in a vegetative state and seemingly undisturbed. However, there’s a letter lying on the dresser from Sarah. The note says that she loves them and will take vengeance on those who put them in this state.

We review the security camera video and do see a speedster racing through the hallway. Just a short blur on the screen followed by a whoosh of wind that disturbs all the clipboards hanging on the walls. Reviewing the tapes, we see her speeding out of the care facility toward one of the city areas ruined by the crash of a Neg’Tok ship. We know that no one should be there, so it should be easy to find her if she’s still there. So, we head into the disaster area.

We follow Flitter into the abandoned area, looking left and right into the ruins for possible ambush. Retread leads on his motorcycle, with Frank and Midnight following in the Hummer. Lid-X flies 40m above, fully alert. Unfortunately, no one sees the three armored figures hiding behind a hunk of ruined scrap metal.

Without warning, they jump out and begin firing their laser rifles. The first takes an aimed shot at Retread, striking him square in the chest. His partner fires his laser at full power into the engine block of the Hummer. At that point, Frank realized that his “HMMV” is actually a cheap Chinese knockoff. The engine instantly melts, forcing them out. Midnight jumps from the ruined Hummer and immediately turns invisible, gliding towards the enemies. Meanwhile, the final assailant fires into the sky, hitting Lid-X, and nearly knocking him out.

Reacting as fast as he could, Retread guns his motorcycle to full acceleration, hitting 80kph by the time he reaches the 3 men. Steering directly into one of the assailants, he rams him at full speed. At just the last moment, Retread hops up onto the seat and backflips off the tail of the bike. Somersaulting in the air, he ignites his whip, which coils in the air like a gymnastic ribbon dancer. He executes a perfect 10 landing in front of the second assailant. Meanwhile, the bike crashes into the other enemy pulling him down and dragging him 6m.

Before he’s even able to stand, Lid-X drops into a steep dive and fires an electro-bolt into the downed enemy. Twitching from the shock, he collapses, knocked out.

Facing down the two remaining, Retread dodges as one tries to smash him with the butt of a laser rifle. Reacting immediately, his whip cracks out and wraps around the rifle. With a quick jerk, he yanks it from the soldier’s hands and sends it flying off into the ruins. Hands empty, the assailant takes off running. The third soldier turns to look, unaware of the invisible Midnight, who appears suddenly, his katana slashing and bringing down the hapless soldier.

The final assailant, having been disarmed, runs a short distance and draws a laser pistol. With a quick snap shot, he manages to take down Lid-X. Overwhelmed by the energy beam, Lid-X collapses on the ground, knocked out.

Following his laser shot, the soldier draws a grenade from his belt and flings it, sending it sailing through the air toward Retread and Midnight. They share a look and then dive into the air, trying to escape the incoming grenade. Each one manages to hit the deck and cover as the grenade goes off, but the shrapnel still rakes them both, lightly wounding them. Neither is knocked out, though, and they quickly surround the grenade tosser and beat him into submission.

In the end, all three assailants are battered and bruised but alive. The GCG ties them up and prepares to continue further in to find Flitter.



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