Met more weirdos

After knocking out the Micelli goons, someone in the party suggested they steal the goons’ shoes while they’re knocked out. I don’t think there was a specific reason for this, except to be mean. Well, and I guess the fact that they were Air Jordans made the decision easier. The heroes (plus Dirk) didn’t have time to play a pick-up game of B-ball, so they just threw the shoes into a trash pile outside the spaceship. Dirk then used his tracking device to lead them to the next location. As they were leaving the ship, they noticed three creatures that seemed to be working on the side of the ship. One was a robot humanoid, one a floating spherical robot, and the last was a humanoid that seemed to be made of crystal. Since the ship was now government property, the heroes went over to see what the trio was up to.

The three robots were very nice and said they were members of the Artificial Intelligencia, a union-type organization for AI beings. They were very polite and told the party they plan to make the ship “aware”. They agree to make sure the ship’s weapon systems are disabled beforehand. They also take Retread’s mobile number and promise to call if something goes wrong.

The heroes then walked to the next ship on Dirk’s hand-held display. The ship was about the same class as the last ship. Outside the ship was a large encampment of small humanoids. They had rat-like facial features and some fur. Along with tents for shelter, they also were setting up market tents as if they were opening up a bazaar. The rat-midgets were blatantly stripping the ship and selling the parts less than 100 ft. away. Since the ship was officially government property, Dirk was not pleased with this.

Retread asks one of the shopkeepers if he can talk to the leader of the group. The shopkeeper kept trying to steer the conversation to us buying something. He finally points to one of his comrades and tells the party to talk to the “Shopmaster”. The Shopmaster was currently engaged in another conversation. So while they waited, Retread asked Dirk what he thought of superheroes. Dirk coldly replied, “Would it bother you being a candle standing next to the Sun?” When they finally got to talk to the shopmaster, the party got nowhere trying to convince them to leave peacefully. So it seems we must once again resort to violence. Dirk runs away at this point.


So it seems we must once again resort to violence

Ancient Chinese Proverb: When a problem comes along, you must whip it. That’s how Retread lives his life.

Met more weirdos

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