Neg'Tok and Ninjas

How far can you throw a ninja's corpse?

After realizing the that the Neg’Tok warship was sentient, but had the mind of a child, the Guardians no longer want to hurt it. Instead, they ask the Artificial Intelligentsia (AI) if there is anything they can do to help.

After scanning the ship, the AI reports that it actually has DNA very similar to one of the members of the AI. This arouses Frank’s suspicions. “Are you harboring a stinking Taco? Are you giving away our secrets?” he demands.

The AI is quick to explain that the DNA of the living ship is quite different than that of the Neg’Tok soldiers, meaning the ships must be somehow enslaved or domesticated.

Getting bored, the Guardians decide to return to the other Neg’Tok ship that was crawling with Scrane. Perhaps by now, the Scrane had forgotten that Frank had broken some of their stuff.

Arriving at the ship, they find the Scrane’s bazaar empty, and upon closer inspection, they find a couple of Scrane corpses. From the blood and gore, it is easy to tell that they were killed with some sort of cutting weapon.

Creeping inside the ship, they find a few more Scrane corpses. However, beside them they find two human corpses dressed like ninjas. On the front of their ninja outfits is a symbol of a fist, the same symbol that was found tattooed on a severed hand many months back.

For fun, Frank picks up one of the ninja corpses and hoists him in front as a human shield. “Let’s go find your buddies,” he says, chuckling.

Sneaking down the corridor, Retread scouts ahead, looking for enemies. Catching them unawares, he finds two more ninjas guarding a door.

Instead of just attacking, the Guardians hatch a crazy plan to draw the ninjas into a trap. Using his superhuman strength, Frank throws one of the corpses down the corridor at the ninjas. Feeling suspicious, they leave the door to investigate the mysterious corpse. Hiding in the shadows, Retread waits until they’re close enough, at which point he jumps out, whip crackling with electricity.

In a flash, Retread binds one of the ninjas with his energy whip. However, the other ninja darts in, katana at the ready. Despite his best attempts to dodge, Retread is quickly reeling from multiple cuts, and nearly faints.

With a flash of light, one of the ninjas blinds Frank. Unable to see his opponents, he listens for their footsteps and swings wildly at the sound. Sensing his weakness, one of the ninjas slides in and slashes savagely. However, Frank’s thick skin refuses to be cut. The ninja repeatedly cuts at Frank, but every time the blade slides harmlessly across the grizzled soldier.

Finally, Retread and Lid-X manage to subdue one of the ninjas, and Frank manages to subdue the other. To teach them a lesson, Frank snaps both their swords and tosses them on the ground in front of them. For shameless self promotion, Retread carves “GCG” into the wall above the unconscious adversaries. Dirk has a good laugh at this and asks, “We’ve got better things to do than carve our names in little hearts.” Angered by this, Retread carves “Dirk” into another wall, along with a crude drawing of a penis. No one finds it particularly clever, but Retread has a good chuckle.

Sufficiently rested, they open the door that the ninjas were guarding, and find another control room, similar to the one where they battled the Neg’Tok super-soldier. Surprisingly, this time, in the center of the room is a large ninja hooked up to all the wires and tubes. He seems unaware of the Guardians, and is intent on the fluids flowing into him.

Taking the opportunity to do a little damage, Frank rips a computer console out of the wall and throws it at the ninja. The console smashes into the equipment, snapping several wires and tearing some hoses. At this, the huge ninja turns to face the Guardians, and they immediately see that the alien chemicals have mutated him and made him crazy.

With that, he charges at the Guardians, screaming “Get away, it’s mine!”



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