Prison Break

With nothing to do but wait on Terminal to analyze the intercepted text message, the The Gossamer City Guardians head out into Gossamer City on patrol.

The aftermath of the war has turned Gossamer City into a haven for refugees. Tent cities are everywhere, and lots of people are living in their cars. Tempers are high, but people restrain themselves.

At one point, the GCG finds two young men shoving each other. One, a boy about 15, accuses the other of stealing his food.

To keep them from coming to blows, Frank hoists them both into the air by their collars. They struggle and call him names, and the surrounding crowd starts to get angry, as they’d been hoping to see a fight. Eventually, Frank calms everyone down and sets the two boys back on the ground.

Telling the accused thief to take a hike, we stay talk to the other, Stan. He has been taking care of his 10 year old sister after their parents were killed. Retread gives him $50 and a “You’re a good person for taking care of your sister” speech. In addition, he gives the boy his cell phone number and tells him to call if he ever needs help. The rest of the patrol is uneventful.

Prison break at Warren G. Harding Memorial Prison. This is the same place where Retread spent the last 5 years. Knowing that it’s full of juvenile hero and villain wanna-bes, the team sets out to recapture the escapees.

Lid-X is the first on the scene, noticing lots of cop cars and news vans. Landing in the middle of it all, he asks to speak to someone in charge.

He is taken to speak with Lieutenant Turnbuckle and Warden Phelps. He learns that 6 inmates are currently unaccounted for. As the rest of the GCG pulls up, Lid-X tells them the news and takes to the skies looking for escapees.

Very quickly, Lid spots someone in an orange jumpsuit running through an industrial park. Swooping down out of the sky, he pushes him down on the ground. At that point, he realizes that the prisoner is between 11 and 12 years old. Thinking fast, he grabs the kid and takes off. Recovering from shock, the kid starts to struggle, but Lid-X tells him, “Be calm or I’ll drop you.”

To this, the boy replies by uttering a mystic phrase, activating some unknown power. At that point he begins to get extremely heavy, and Lid-X begins to be dragged towards the ground. Unable to maintain his grip, he lets go and drops the boy to the ground. He hits the ground on his feet and starts running.

As he tries to get away, Lid-X lands and charges up. He hits the kid full in the back with an electric blast, knocking him off his feet. He lays on the ground, gravely wounded. Not wanting to kill the child, Lid-X grabs him and quickly flies him to the hospital infirmary. They’re happy to have him back, but angry that Lid-X was so violent with a child.

Meanwhile, Frank asks one of the cops if he can take one of the remaining prisoners aside to interrogate him. Unfortunately for all, it’s a lady cop, and Frank’s condescending nature gets the better of him. He tells her that she should let a man handle such matters, and tells him there’s no way he’s getting near the prisoners.

Ignoring her altogether, he simply leaps over her and lands amongst the prisoners. Choosing one, he quickly asks who the escapees are and where they went. The prisoner points to the east and says, “I saw one go that way.” Frank, Retread, and Midnight all drive off to the east, looking for orange jumpsuits.

In a matter of minutes, they reach a populated area. Retread begins asking bystanders if they have seen anyone in orange jumpsuits. Not finding much help, he gets an idea.

Parking his motorcycle, he runs to Frank’s truck. Retread points to the top of a nearby building and says, “Throw me!” Without a moment’s hesitation, Frank hoists him up and prepares to throw. “Don’t rip the suit!” says Retread.

With great ease, Frank tosses Retread high into the air. Retread’s whip arcs out, catching a metal balcony rail. Twisting in the air, Retread propels himself upward and winds up landing on a nearby roof. From there, he begins running parallel to the street, but his bird’s eye view gives him a greater view of the city. Frank hops back in the Hummer and begins following from the street.

On the street, Frank finds an abandoned orange jumpsuit. With no further leads, they don’t know where to go.

Frank’s phone rings and it’s the warden. They have finally compiled a list of all the missing prisoners. It’s a short list, and the last name on it is Terminal. Somehow, Retread’s good friend has been marked as the ringleader of the escape!



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