The sentient warship

Neg'Tok Jellyfish Warship = Jelly Taco

The Taco warship’s organic core rises from the wreckage of the hull. It looks like a greenish jellyfish floating in the air. Some of the hull wreckage still clings to the alien, giving it a junkyard look.

The AI bots on the ground try to make contact with the ship, but are unable. After a short period, the air around the ship begins to pulsate and our heroes start to get a little antsy.

In a sudden flash, two more Taco ships appear. They slowly start to circle the other ship, and Retread says it looks a lot like a video game boss monster where the main boss has its little cronies circling it for defense.

Frank picks up a nearby wrecked car and hucks it up into the air, smashing it into one of the ships. Surprisingly, it does a fair amount of damage, seriously denting the ship’s armor. Remembering that the main ship is alive, Frank tries to use his life drain on it.

The purple ray projects at the ship, striking it clearly. Frank can feel the life energy siphoning back to him, and the ship begins to shrivel and the orbiting cronies wobble in their orbits. The ship makes a chittering sound, and begins wailing.

BR545 asks why Frank is wasting his time throwing cars into the air. Quickly Frank realizes that BR545 cannot see the new ships at all. Are they real or an illusion?

Retread yells at BR545, “Can’t you see all the jelly tacos up there?” At that moment, Frank hits it one last time and it wobbles to the ground. Beside it, the two smaller ships crack up and crash, but the rubble disappears when it hits the ground.

On the ground, the heroes see several Neg’Tok figures around the ship. Thankful that things are finally making sense, Retread charges in, whip at the ready. To his great surprise, the Tacos turn around and jump through the skin of the ship! He shrieks in rage at being thwarted, and throws a rock at the ship. One of the Tacos forms out of the skin, grabs the rock, throws it away, and melds back in.

Hatching a plan, Retread approaches, whip in hand, and throws another rock. As soon as a Taco materializes, he lashes out with his whip, dragging it out. Once it separates from the ship, it shimmers and becomes a tentacle, which retracts to the ship. Frustrated beyond belief, Retread charges at the ship and tries to jump inside like the Tacos.

Landing on the soft, squishy skin of the ship, Retread suddenly experiences a vision. He is floating in outer-space, but luckily has his whip and his motorcycle. “What the heck? Let’s see if the bike works in space…” Climbing on, he finds that he can ride just fine in the vastness of space.

To Frank and Midnight, they see Retread laying on the soft squishy side of the alien ship. Coming closer, Midnight reaches out and drags him off. Disconnected from the ship, his vision abruptly ends and he wakes up groggy.

To clean up:

  • Dirk moves away and the vision vanishes
  • ship turns out to be an infant
  • can only communicate by projecting images

Notable quotes

“I’m going to give myself a 12d6 pleasure field.”

- Micah (just as a stranger walks by the gaming table)



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