Micelli Zen Thug


Zen Koan Stun – the thug selects a single enemy, and asks them a twisted, unanswerable question, revealing in it the ignorance of the target so much, that they are stunned at their own ignorance.

Effect: Ego blast 5d6, area: 1 hex, speech, the target cannot be affected by more than 1 koan per turn

Induce Empathy – the thug identifies with the target, and connects on a deep emotional level, so that the target wonders why they would ever want to kill another living thing.

Effect: Dispel Killing attack (hth or ranged) 8d6, requires ecv roll.

Promote Happiness – the thug attempts to remove the hatred and bile which is clogging up the target and preventing their well thinking.

Effect: Mind control (only affects anger) 5d6


Micelli Zen Thug

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