Everyone deserves a second chance


table{border:1px solid black;}.
| Str | 10 |
| Dex | 26 |
| Con | 10 |
| Body | 14 |
| Int | 10 |
| Ego | 11 |
| Pre | 10 |
| Com | 10 |
| PD | 6 |
| ED | 4 |
| Spd | 4 |
| Rec | 6 |
| End | 20 |
| Stun | 23 |
| Leap | 2 |
| Run | 7 |
| Swim | 2 |

Phases: 3, 6, 9, 12

table{border:1px solid black;}.
| Whip | 10d6 | 3" | 9 | 11 | 2 | Martial Strike|
| Whip Grab | 8d6 (squeeze) | 3" | 8 | 8 | 2 | Martial Grab – 10d6 to maintain grab |
| Whip Drain | 4d6 Dex | 350" | 9 | 9 | 0 | Ranged Drain |
| Block | – | – | 10 | 10 | – | Martial block |

1 Retread has 2 3-point CSL’s with his whip that can be applied to either OCV or DCV.

Skills, Perks, Talents
table{border:1px solid black;}.
|Combat Driving|14-|
|Transport Familiarity (Motorcycle)|-|

Martial Arts
|Martial Block|
|Martial Grab|
|Martial Strike|
|Weapon Element – Whip|


Energy Whip

  • Stretching 3"
    • OAF (-1), direct (-1/4), no non-combat (-1/4)
  • +30 Str
    • 0 End (+1/2)
    • OAF (-1)

Whip drain

  • “whip” a ball of drain energy at an opponent
  • Drain 4d6 Dex
    • Ranged (1/2), 0 End (1/2)
    • OAF (-1)

Swinging (energy whip)

  • Swinging 3"
    • OAF (-1)

Kawasaki Ninja sport bike

  • Running 32"
    • (Stats come directly from the book)


Rivalry with the Asphalt Knight

The Asphalt Knight (Bubba Grafton) is more powerful, but unaware of Retread’s hatred for him. Retread seeks to outdo his former mentor.

  • Rivalry
    • Rival is more powerful
    • Rival is unaware

On probation

James Rhodes is specifically prohibited from any sort or vigilante behavior. Failure to comply will result in him being sent back to jail.

  • Social Limitation
    • Occasional
    • Minor limitation

Uncomfortable around police

Due to his status of being on probation, James is very scared of police. If he hears sirens, he usually heads for the doors, although he won’t leave a comrade behind.

  • Psychological Limitation
    • Common
    • Moderate

Famous for murder

James Rhodes is widely known as the Sidecar Slayer, having been convicted of the murder of Donnie Micelli. James’s face has been plastered on TV and was in all the newspapers. People easily recognize him and do not trust him.

  • Social Limitation
    • Frequent
    • Minor limitation

Averse to killing

Retread believes that most evildoers can be salvaged. He thinks a good beating, plus a stern talking-to can turn someone around. Conversely, he is strongly opposed to killing and will go to lengths to prevent others from killing. Merciless slaughter is for bad guys, not heroes.

  • Psychological Limitation
    • Common
    • Strong

Hunted by the Micelli crime family

Having been convicted of the murder of one of their own, James Rhodes has a price on his head from the Micelli crime family.

  • Hunted
    • Frequent
    • As powerful
    • NCI
    • Limited Geographically (only Arkanopolis)
    • Public Identity (James Rhodes / Sidecar Slayer)

Little Jimmy Rhodes rode his bike to Bubba Grafton’s Auto Shop every day after school. There, Jimmy and Bubba would work for hours restoring cars and motorcycles. Bubba would talk for hours and hours about the sad state of things and how society was falling apart. Jimmy idolized Bubba and thought no one was smarter.

One day, when Jimmy got there, some men in suits were standing around Bubba. Bubba shook a wrench angrily in his fist and bellowed, “I’ll never pay protection money to you greasy bastards!”

To this, one of the men, a young Italian man with fiery eyes replied, “You’ll regret this, fat man!”

When Jimmy asked about the men, Bubba explained that they were members of the Micelli family. They were small-time mafiosos looking to extort local business owners. “Just a bunch of crooks in fancy suits. No different than a crackhead mugger that steals your wallet in an alley,” said Bubba.

Three days later, Bubba’s shop was firebombed and all the cars in his lot were burned. Using the insurance money, Bubba rebuilt his shop, but stopped accepting any new business. Instead, he spent his time constantly working on an old Harley Davidson motorcycle. Jimmy was glad to help, but didn’t understand what the point was.

Then one day, Jimmy came and found Bubba with some bruises and the bike with many scratches and dents. After much prodding, he learned that Bubba had attacked a carload of the Micelli and given them a good beating. Such was the beginning of the Asphalt Knight.

Bubba patrolled the night, protecting local shop owners, while in the day, Jimmy would help him fix the bike. Jimmy constantly begged for Bubba to take him along, but Bubba refused. Finally, Bubba relented and began teaching Jimmy how to defend himself.

One day, Bubba had a surprise for Jimmy: A bright, shiny new sidecar for the bike. Jimmy’s job was to accompany Bubba, provide a little backup, and tie up the bad guys. Such was Jimmy’s beginning as the Sidecar Squire.

Things went well for a month or so, but soon, the Micelli family got tired of the constant harassment. They sent out word through the street that they wanted a truce. A meeting was arranged, and Jimmy and Bubba rode to an abandoned warehouse to meet with the Micellis.

As soon as they were through the door, something hard hit Jimmy on the back of his head and he was knocked unconscious. The next thing he could remember was sitting on the cold floor of the warehouse, dazed. A smoking gun was in his hand, and Donnie Micelli, youngest of the Micelli brothers, lay dead on the floor in front of him. Through the fog in his head, he could hear the sound of sirens and screeching tires as the police surrounded the warehouse.

Jimmy’s age, his status as a semi-hero, and the notoriety of Donnie Micelli all made for a media circus. One creative editor gave it the headline Sidecar Slayer and the name stuck. Soon nearly everyone knew him as the Sidecar Slayer.

With his fingerprints on the gun, it was an open-and-shut case. He swore his innocence, all the while waiting for Bubba to show up and vindicate him. However, Bubba never came and Jimmy was left to face the cold, uncaring justice system by himself. His mother, a single mother of 3, bankrupted herself to pay his legal bills, but ultimately couldn’t save him. Finally, Jimmy was sentenced to 5 years in Juvenile Hall, until he turned 18. His mother had to move away in order to escape the constant media blitz.

In juvee, Jimmy was an instant celebrity. His notoriety from TV meant that everyone wanted a piece of him. However, his self-defense training proved quite effective and he quickly gained the grudging respect of the other inmates. Soon, though, word got out that the Micelli family had put a price on his head, and Jimmy had to fight for his life pretty much every day.

His cellmate was the famous computer hacker known popularly as Terminal. His real name was Hershel Meddlen, and he had been arrested for hacking into the CIA mainframe. His skill with computers was only matched by his skill with electronics. His physical prowess left much to be desired, however.

Jimmy and Hershel became friends quickly, and they made a good team. Jimmy protected Hershel, and in return, Hershel made Jimmy his first electro-line. By using electronics parts he scrounged from radios and broken TVs, Hershel was able to create a flexible beam of pure energy. Slight changes to the focus could change its abilities and its color. Hershel showed Jimmy how to use it and they eventually perfected its three powers:

  • Blue – can wrap around physical objects and multiplies Jimmy’s strength
  • Yellow – has an interesting effect on organic beings that tends to sap their energy
  • Red – becomes a razor sharp cutting beam capable of inflicting fatal wounds

The focusing chamber for the electro line was a small handle that Jimmy kept under his mattress. He used it very infrequently, but became an expert with it quite quickly.

During his time in juvee, Jimmy saw news reports detailing both the Micelli family and the Asphalt Knight (Bubba). Both gained in notoriety as the former expanded their operations and the latter became increasingly prominent as a crime-fighter. Never once did Bubba come forward to help Jimmy, nor did he ever visit him in the slammer. Jimmy grew to resent the man who had been his former idol, but never gave away his true identity. Jimmy doesn’t know what happened that night in the warehouse, but he somehow feels that he has been hung out to dry.

Finally, after 5 long years, Jimmy was let out of juvee. He was put on probation with the express directive that he cannot engage in any sort of vigilante behavior. Increasing his pain, when he was let out, the media decided to do a “where is he now” news piece on him and splashed the 18-year-old face of the “Sidecar Slayer” all over the TV and papers.

Hershel, with a little time left on his sentence, gave Jimmy a parting gift: a few bank account numbers that he had been siphoning money into for the past few years. It was only done in trace amounts, but would be enough to support Jimmy for a while until he figured out what he was going to do.

Living on the outside, he worked a few odd-jobs, but couldn’t stick with any one long. He tried going by James Rhodes instead of Jimmy, but he was still notorious. People would often come up to him and say, “Aren’t you that guy…” or “I know you, I’ve seen you on TV!” When it would become too much, he would move to another job, but his notoriety always followed him.

A year later, frustrated with his situation, angry at Bubba, and disgusted with the state of the world, he decided to break his probation and go back to crime-fighting. He drained the last of the money that Hershel had given him and bought a sleek new crotch-rocket racing motorcycle. Donning a red racing suit with a tire-stripe down the middle, he took to the streets for a chance to make a difference, find out what happened that night, and set the record straight. So begins the story of Retread!

Quick Summary:

  • 19 years old
  • On probation, explicitly prohibited from crime-fighting
  • Wanted by the Micelli family for the murder of one of their own
  • Publicly known as the Sidecar Slayer
  • Has a whip made of pure energy that he can control in order to create various effects.
  • Wants to out-do his former mentor, the Asphalt Knight
  • Wants to find out what really happened the night he was arrested for murder
  • Costume: wears a red racing suit with a tire-mark down the center. He wears it under his everyday clothing (like spider-man) and can change pretty fast.
  • Rides a souped-up crotch-rocket.


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