A scientist/magician who can fly and run at ridiculous speeds.


Strength 20 Dexterity 13 Constitution 10 Body 15 Intelligence 10 Ego 10 Prescense 10 Comeliness 10 P.D. 4 E.D. 2 Speed 4 Recovery 6 Endurance 20 Stun 30

Pts. Skill End 40 Flight 4 35 Electric Blast 7D6 3

8 Endurance Reserve 200 end 5 rec, when plugged in 4 boy armor 6pts

Base OCV 4 Base DCV 4 Base ECV 3


Disadvantages Dependent NPC: Emily & Time(son) 15 Rival Haley(Ex-lover/lab partner)30 Vengeful Dove 5 Code of Chivalry 20


Lid X is a scientist who works as a birthday party magician on the weekends. His odd name comes from his uncertain past. Lid was adopted when he was a baby by some horribly cruel foster parents. When Lid was old enough to be emancipated he changed his name from his “slave name” to Lid X. The name “Lid” was inspired by a Snapple bottle cap and “X” was inspired by a PBS documentary about Malcom X. Lid has been using science to become a more effective magician. One day when he was perfecting a levitation device(copper plates) with his lab partner/ex-lover (Haley), he indirectly caused an explosion that sent electrical currents through him and the copper plates was experimenting with. This accident endowed Lid with an awesome electrical-blast power and the copper plates he was experimenting with, when willed by Lid, can allow him to leap and fly across great distances at varying speeds. It is unknown how the lab explosion effected Haley, if at all… What is known is that ever since the accident, Lid X has been saving lives from peril and wooing audiences with his supernatural magic trics. He has even won the attention of an older mother(Emily), that Lid X is infatuated with. She had hired Lid to perform at her son’s birthday party but she ended up with more than she bargained for…wink wink Emily’s husband Tad is very perturbed by his unfaithful wife and is keeping tabs on Lid. He’s also uncertain that he is the father of their newborn baby(Max).


Arkanopolis Shun