The sentient warship
Neg'Tok Jellyfish Warship = Jelly Taco

The Taco warship’s organic core rises from the wreckage of the hull. It looks like a greenish jellyfish floating in the air. Some of the hull wreckage still clings to the alien, giving it a junkyard look.

The AI bots on the ground try to make contact with the ship, but are unable. After a short period, the air around the ship begins to pulsate and our heroes start to get a little antsy.

In a sudden flash, two more Taco ships appear. They slowly start to circle the other ship, and Retread says it looks a lot like a video game boss monster where the main boss has its little cronies circling it for defense.

Frank picks up a nearby wrecked car and hucks it up into the air, smashing it into one of the ships. Surprisingly, it does a fair amount of damage, seriously denting the ship’s armor. Remembering that the main ship is alive, Frank tries to use his life drain on it.

The purple ray projects at the ship, striking it clearly. Frank can feel the life energy siphoning back to him, and the ship begins to shrivel and the orbiting cronies wobble in their orbits. The ship makes a chittering sound, and begins wailing.

BR545 asks why Frank is wasting his time throwing cars into the air. Quickly Frank realizes that BR545 cannot see the new ships at all. Are they real or an illusion?

Retread yells at BR545, “Can’t you see all the jelly tacos up there?” At that moment, Frank hits it one last time and it wobbles to the ground. Beside it, the two smaller ships crack up and crash, but the rubble disappears when it hits the ground.

On the ground, the heroes see several Neg’Tok figures around the ship. Thankful that things are finally making sense, Retread charges in, whip at the ready. To his great surprise, the Tacos turn around and jump through the skin of the ship! He shrieks in rage at being thwarted, and throws a rock at the ship. One of the Tacos forms out of the skin, grabs the rock, throws it away, and melds back in.

Hatching a plan, Retread approaches, whip in hand, and throws another rock. As soon as a Taco materializes, he lashes out with his whip, dragging it out. Once it separates from the ship, it shimmers and becomes a tentacle, which retracts to the ship. Frustrated beyond belief, Retread charges at the ship and tries to jump inside like the Tacos.

Landing on the soft, squishy skin of the ship, Retread suddenly experiences a vision. He is floating in outer-space, but luckily has his whip and his motorcycle. “What the heck? Let’s see if the bike works in space…” Climbing on, he finds that he can ride just fine in the vastness of space.

To Frank and Midnight, they see Retread laying on the soft squishy side of the alien ship. Coming closer, Midnight reaches out and drags him off. Disconnected from the ship, his vision abruptly ends and he wakes up groggy.

To clean up:

  • Dirk moves away and the vision vanishes
  • ship turns out to be an infant
  • can only communicate by projecting images

Notable quotes

“I’m going to give myself a 12d6 pleasure field.”

- Micah (just as a stranger walks by the gaming table)

Rats in the city
  • Met the Artificial Intelligentsia, a group of robots that wanted to make contact with and awaken a Taco ship. We told them to be careful.
  • We went to another ship to retrieve another artifact.
  • The Scrane, a race of mercantile ratmen, had claimed the ship. The leader wanted $2 million for the artifact.
  • We tried to strong-arm the leader, and we broke some of his stuff. This apparently was a capital crime in the Scrane culture, and the leader instantly attacked.
  • The nearby Scrane showed a special power as they began to merge with one another, growing into a large super-being.
  • At this point, we hightailed it out of there to wait for them to calm down.
Met more weirdos

After knocking out the Micelli goons, someone in the party suggested they steal the goons’ shoes while they’re knocked out. I don’t think there was a specific reason for this, except to be mean. Well, and I guess the fact that they were Air Jordans made the decision easier. The heroes (plus Dirk) didn’t have time to play a pick-up game of B-ball, so they just threw the shoes into a trash pile outside the spaceship. Dirk then used his tracking device to lead them to the next location. As they were leaving the ship, they noticed three creatures that seemed to be working on the side of the ship. One was a robot humanoid, one a floating spherical robot, and the last was a humanoid that seemed to be made of crystal. Since the ship was now government property, the heroes went over to see what the trio was up to.

The three robots were very nice and said they were members of the Artificial Intelligencia, a union-type organization for AI beings. They were very polite and told the party they plan to make the ship “aware”. They agree to make sure the ship’s weapon systems are disabled beforehand. They also take Retread’s mobile number and promise to call if something goes wrong.

The heroes then walked to the next ship on Dirk’s hand-held display. The ship was about the same class as the last ship. Outside the ship was a large encampment of small humanoids. They had rat-like facial features and some fur. Along with tents for shelter, they also were setting up market tents as if they were opening up a bazaar. The rat-midgets were blatantly stripping the ship and selling the parts less than 100 ft. away. Since the ship was officially government property, Dirk was not pleased with this.

Retread asks one of the shopkeepers if he can talk to the leader of the group. The shopkeeper kept trying to steer the conversation to us buying something. He finally points to one of his comrades and tells the party to talk to the “Shopmaster”. The Shopmaster was currently engaged in another conversation. So while they waited, Retread asked Dirk what he thought of superheroes. Dirk coldly replied, “Would it bother you being a candle standing next to the Sun?” When they finally got to talk to the shopmaster, the party got nowhere trying to convince them to leave peacefully. So it seems we must once again resort to violence. Dirk runs away at this point.

Aliens and Mobsters
Battle on the Taco warship

The scream of the Neg’Tok warrior scared the living crap out of everyone, but especially the Ninja. With his resolve broken, he quavered and started running for the exit.

With a commanding voice, Frank tells everyone to pull it together and keep fighting. With their resolve wavering, they manage to stand their ground and face the evil Taco.

Retread’s whip flashes out and wraps up the Taco warrior. Frank steps forward and drains the Taco’s lifeforce.

The Ninja quickly realizes that the warrior is gaining strength from all the tubes connected to him. Moving in behind the Taco, the Ninja begins slicing at the tubes. They prove to be very resilient, but he eventually manages to sever them, and a flood of nutrient fluids pours out onto the floor.

With repeated drainings from Frank and continual squeezing from Retread, the Taco warrior slowly gets worn down. His screams become less and less forceful, and eventually he collapses, silent.

Immediately, an argument ensues as to what to do with the unconscious alien. Frank wants to finish it off, but Retread refuses to go along with it. Even killing an evil alien goes against everything he believes in.

Looking for guidance, they ask Dirk. What would the Department of Metahuman Affairs want? Unfortunately, Dirk professes to have no opinion whatsoever. Kill or not kill, it doesn’t matter to him.

Finally, they agree to allow it to live, and Frank drags it out of the ship. However, outside the ship, and out of the view of Retread, Frank finishes off the hideous alien by draining the last of its remaining life force.

Frank drags the alien outside the ship, where he puts it out of his misery, after Dirk describes how it’s suffering as a result of botched experimentation. Dirk grabs an orange vial from inside a locker and they leave.

As they go to leave the ship, the GCG sees some Micelli goons dressed in nice 30s era gangster suits. Retread tells them to get the hell out. Some back and forth blustering ensues, but the goons make it clear that they have no intention of leaving.

Getting frustrated, Retread ignites his whip and charges one of the goons. Much to Retread’s surprise, the goon lifts both his legs off the ground and begins floating in mid-air. Drawing out small finger symbols, he softly clanks them, saying clearly, “Show me the face you had before you were born.”

The nonsensical Zen Cone takes Retread completely by surprise. Pain explodes in his brain and he staggers against the wall. Forcing himself to concentrate, he manages to lash out with his whip at the floating goon.

The force of Retread’s whip destabilizes the goon and he falls against a wall. With a purple flash, Franks beams a life draining attack against one of the other goons. Lid-X tries to fly into one, but he misses. The Ninja attacks with his sword and manages to score a hit.

When the goon recovers, he again faces Retread and asks, “What is the sound of one hand clapping.” This time, Retread is unable to fight off the pain. His eyes roll back into his head and he collapses in a heap, unconscious.

Luckily, the other members of the GCG are better able to fight the pain. With Retread incapacitated, the other GCG members are able to bring down the goons.

After the invasion
Arkanopolis starts the healing process

We just restarted this game after a long hiatus. The GM decided to let us keep our characters, but added some backstory to the setting, namely an alien invasion. So don’t be confused if none of this meshes with the previous story :) We’re still kind of lost, too.

It’s been a rough couple of months for Earth’s greatest city. Appearing in the sky all over the planet, the invaders had struck without provocation or warning. Calling themselves the Neg’Tok, they pursued a ruthless invasion of the blue planet, killing and slaughtering wherever they went. Arkanopolis, Earth’s crown jewel, sees the fiercest of the fighting.

Answering the call to arms, Earth’s greatest heroes banded together and took to the skies to battle these mysterious enemies. All across the globe battles raged, lighting up the heavens. No matter where you went, however, one thing was clear: Earth’s heroes were losing.

Every day it seemed as though another name was added to the roll of fallen heroes. Mentar was hit by a stun beam in the skies over Paris, and no one was there to catch him as he plummeted toward the ground. On the other side of the world, Lucky Star was defending a caravan of refugees when a Neg’Tok attack cruiser began strafing them. True to his name, Lucky pulled off an impossible shot into the navigation computer on the front of the cruiser. At that point, his luck ran out and the ship crashed right on top of Lucky at a speed of roughly Mach 2. Every day the heroes would sally forth, and every night fewer would come home. The aliens, meanwhile, had a seemingly endless supply of ships and soldiers.

In the midst of all the fighting, The Gossamer City Guardians did what they could. Being woefully inadequate to the task of fighting the enemy ships, they remained on the ground in Arkanopolis. Whenever a Neg’Tok cruiser crash landed in the city (a daily occurrence), lesser heroes like the GCG would race to the scene to contain the aliens before they could wreak havoc on the city.

With his near supersonic flight, Lid-X was always the first on scene. Trailing by only a minute or two, Retread could often be seen racing his crotch rocket down the rubble-strewn streets of Arkanopolis at speeds well over 100mph. Bringing up the rear, Frank always managed to get there just as the others were about to be overwhelmed.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to all except a select few, a secret society (name?) was searching for a fabled artifact that held Earth’s last hope. Combining their mystical powers, they were able to finally retrieve The Banner of the Ancients.

Holding high the banner, the mystics unleashed its power. From beyond the veil of myth and legend, the lost heroes and gods of previous ages came to defend their planet. Greek gods fought next to Aztec legends. Ancient warriors from forgotten civilizations faced off against the alien horde.

The power of these long forgotten heroes dramatically turned the tide of the struggle. All over the Earth, Neg’Tok battleships were being struck from the sky. The human race was going to win!

After a fierce battle lasting many weeks, the combined forces of Earth finally forced the Neg’Tok back into space where they fled to parts unknown. However, the cost was great…

Many of Earth’s greatest had fallen, including some of the mythic warriors called by The Banner of the Ancients. Earth’s greatest cities were in total disarray. One section would be pristine, untouched, while a block away would be a smoking crater, the only remains of a once great skyscraper. Crashed Neg’Tok warships littered the landscape.

Following the defeat of the Neg’Tok, Earth’s leaders realized that the remains of the war still represented a threat to the people. Inside the crashed ships were weapons and technology of immense power, and the leaders were afraid that criminals, terrorists, or even small children would get ahold of them. Plus, many of the ships might contain living Neg’Tok, waiting for their chance to escape.

To cleanup the wreckage, Arkanopolis’s Department of Metahuman Affairs sent out a call to all the heroes of the city. They were to report immediately to the Dept’s headquarters and aid in containing the threat.

This is where we picked up. The aliens had been defeated, and now the cleanup work begins.

Standing in front of the desk of a bored-looking government official, the heroes of the GCG receive their assignment. They are to escort Dirk Frankly, a government alien specialist, to investigate a crashed Neg’Tok cruiser. Dirk has an alien technology sensor that will allow him to determine the location of powerful alien artifacts that need to be collected. However, he is by no means a fighter and must be protected at all costs.

“Oh, and by the way, that ninja over there has been assigned to your team. Good luck.”

Standing nearby is a silent figure dressed in a black ninja suit. With a katana strapped to his back, he looks ready to do battle.

Expecting the standard ninja silent treatment, Retread takes a deep breath and decides to try conversing with the black-clad figure. Much to Retread’s surprise the man turns out to be quite congenial. With a friendly tone to his voice and a glint in his eyes, he eagerly shakes hands with the members of the GCG. He is so eager, in fact, that Retread begins to wonder if he really is a ninja, or just a kid in a Halloween costume.

Together with Dirk, they head off into the city to find some sort of alien artifact.

Finding a crashed Taco cruiser, they enter. Inside, the lights are dim and flickering, but the power is still on. The ship crashed at an angle, so everything is off-kilter a little, making it a little difficult to walk around.

Nothing is moving inside the ship and they make their way through the corridors, following Dirk’s tracking tool.

Deep in the ship, they find a closed door. The ninja pries off a wall panel to see if he can hotwire it, but the alien technology baffles him. Stepping up, Frank stretches his muscles and pries the door open.

Inside they find a darkened chamber with a few blinking control lights along the wall. Deep inside they hear the wheezing sound of labored breathing. Frank tosses a lit flare off into the darkness to get a better view. Red light from the flare dances across the panels as it sails through the air. Landing in a far corner, it illuminates the leathery hide of a Neg’Tok warrior!

However, this warrior is different from the others they have seen. It is strapped into a section of paneling on the wall and has tubes and wires jutting out of him. Further, he seems to have been exposed to some sort of powerful mutagen, as he has bulbous tumors and growths all over his body. All in all, he is a sorry sight, but still fearsome.

Luckily for the GCG, he seems to be dormant or unconscious. However, they take no chances and surround him, ready for anything.

Chuckling at their cautiousness, Dirk moves to a computer panel and begins entering commands. He seems to be very familiar with the alien technology. Unfortunately, he trips some sort of power-up sequence, and lights begin coming on. Without warning, the Taco warrior stands up and emits an ear shattering scream signifying the end of the eerie silence on the alien ship.

Waaaay back!

This session was a quick one-shot that took place 40 years in the past, when super heroes first appeared on the scene. It is out of sync with the rest of the story, but could foreshadow future events!

It is the Golden Age of Stantonia, a city which in 40 years will be known as Arkanopolis. Within the past few years, a flood of uber-men, aliens, mutants, and other extraordinary beings has flocked to Stantonia. Where before heroes were virtually unknown, now they are everywhere.

However, just recently, there have been strange happenings in Stantonia. Famous heroes have disappeared, never to be heard from again. Monsters have appeared out of thin air to begin attacking people. And just recently, a massive energy wave washed over the city, creating a frenzy, causing all of the normal human citizens to turn on their super-powered protectors and attack them.

To search for the cause of all this mayhem, the heroic forces brought together all the psychics, mystics, and wizards. Their combined divinations were able to determine that an entity known only as “The Wizard” was manipulating events in Stantonia. However, he was able to do this while remaining in a pocket dimension outside of normal space.

Using the combined power of all the heroes, they were able to open a portal to The Wizard’s dimension, and dozens of brave souls charged through, knowing not what they would encounter on the other side.

Standing in the soft sunlight, four figures find themselves somewhat disoriented. Expecting an exotic, mind-boggling pocket dimension, they were somewhat dismayed to find serene rolling fields under a bright blue sky.

Even more starting was the fact that they were alone. Of the dozens of heroes who entered the portal, only four had made it to the other side. The fate of the others was unknown.

Dr. Mystic, the famous showman and professional magician stands gazing up in mild amusement at the bright blue sky. Atop his head is his bright white turban, at the center of which is a palm-sized gemstone, which slowly shifts colors. With a flourish of his black silk cape, he turns to face his companions.

The Truth, a well known investigator stands nearby. With no special powers other than a keen intellect and street smarts, he still manages to hold his own amongst the heroes of Stantonia. Even though he cannot leap buildings or turn invisible, they have all come to respect his ability to ferret out the truth and find the trail, even when it has long gone cold.

Gleaming in the sun, Ironsides shifts his weight back and forth. A living anachronism, he represents America’s first foray in biological weaponry. Nearly 100 years earlier, following the epic battle between the Ironclads, the Monitor and the Merrimack, the U.S. Government decided to experiment with grafting iron directly onto human soldiers. The technique proved to be dangerous, and infection killed most of the participants. Ironsides survived, however, but fell into a deep coma. For nearly a century he lay dormant until doctors finally found a way to revive him. He awoke to find a different world, but one that could use his talents as a fighter.

Finally, the most exotic of the four, The Cerulean, stands alone. A normal human who found an artifact of immense power, he is now exists as a symbiotic pair. The Cerulean, both his name and his power, is surrounded by a malleable substance that he can shape with the power of his mind.

Disoriented, they all stand around and chat for a while, trying to decide what to do.

Jumping high into the air, Ironsides determines that the surface they are standing on is actually spherical, like the Earth, except much, much smaller. From his apex 30 feet in the air, Ironsides can actually see the curvature on the horizon.

Without too much trouble, the Truth finds a path leading away, and they all decide to follow it.

Soon enough, they encounter a small village. The buildings are shabby and worn, but no one is in site. On the path leading into the village is a wooden sign that simply reads “Mhenlo”

Without hesitation, the Cerulean lashes out at the sign, splintering and destroying it. This, in turn, brings several inhabitants into the street to see the commotion.

The people of the village are of a diminutive stature, none being taller than five feet. They all seem very scared of the newcomers, and of course, none of them speaks English.

To break the tension, Dr. Mystic reaches into his cape and produces three interlocking iron rings. With a flick of the wrist he separates the rings, much too quickly to see how it is done. He attempts to give the rings to the villagers, but they quickly back away as he approaches.

By closely observing the villagers’ behavior, the Truth determines that there are two buildings in particular that hold importance. Making their way towards one of the buildings, the villagers quickly move to block the entrance.

Not wanting to hurt anyone, Dr. Mystic has an idea. He wraps his cape around the Truth, enveloping him in silky blackness. Whispering in an arcane tongue, he uses his actual, but meager, magical abilities and conjures an image of flames around the Truth. Throwing back his cape he reveals the Truth, engulfed in flames. In turn, the Truth runs directly at the villagers guarding the door of the building. Without hesitation, they scatter, fleeing the terrifying fiery man.

Inside the building, encased in a crystal hemisphere is a humanoid figure. J’Brayzz of the Beyond is inside, one of the heroes missing for several weeks. He is an alien from Titan, the moon of Saturn. The heroes smash at the crystal enclosure but cannot get him out. Somewhat frustrated, they leave the building and head to the other one spotted by the Truth.

Arrayed similarly to the first building, the second one contains another crystal pod. Inside is another hero, Mechanicus 9, a sentient robot. Again, the heroes try to free him without any luck.

Leaving the building, the Truth realizes that there is a third building that forms an equilateral triangle with the first two. Sure enough, inside the third building they find Micronimus, a size-manipulating mutant. He too is encased in crystal.

The Truth triangulates the three pods and stands quietly in the center. Soon enough, he senses an external presence and is filled with feelings of fear and malevolence. They wait for a while, but nothing happens.

They continue on the road, which becomes larger and more well-worn. In the distance, they spot a series of stone columns arranged in a circle, much like Stonehenge. In the center, atop a throne, sits a little man, seemingly distracted. When he finally sees the heroes, he immediately accuses them of betraying their own people.

Puzzled by the man’s strange behavior, Dr Mystic explains that they are here to find the Wizard.

With a curious smile, the man replies, “And what will you do when you find him?”

For dramatic effect, Dr Mystic produces Mandragor, his trusty parakeet, and holds him in his hand. In a show of smashing Mandragor, Dr Mystic claps his hands fiercely together and cries out, “We will exterminate him!” (Of course, being a trained parakeet, Mandragor slides up Dr Mystic’s sleeve at just the right moment.)

With a chuckle, the strange man calls Dr Mystic on his trick, saying “It will take more than stuffing a parakeet up your sleeve to impress me.”

Enraged that someone would reveal his secrets, Dr Mystic roars for the man to shut his mouth.

Angered by Dr Mystic’s outburst, the little man stands and proclaims, “If you are searching for the Wizard, then you have found him!” Producing a remote control from inside his robes, he pushes a button and the surrounding rubble begins to assemble itself.

Pieces of scrap metal begin slamming together, forming into the shape of two humanoids, although their skeletons are metal and their flesh is made of crackling electricity.

As the golems assemble themselves, a bright lattice of electricity surrounds the Wizard.

Moving quickly, the Truth whips out his trusty tranquilizer pistol and takes a snap shot at the Wizard. Unfortunately, the electro shield easily deflects the dart.

Pushing another button on his remote, the Wizard sends out a cage of electric bars to surround Ironsides. However, to his dismay, Ironsides simply grits his teeth against the pain and steps through the bars. Electricity crackles across his iron plates, but he emerges unharmed, if a little singed.

Using his meager mental powers, Dr Mystic is able to sense that the golems have a rudimentary sentience. Facing one, he contacts its primitive mind and establishes hypnotic control. Knowing it will be impossible to turn it against its master, he instead deflects it from the fight and instructs it to begin building a tower of junk. Submitting to Dr Mystic’s control, the golem ambles away and dutifully begins stacking scrap.

Turning his focus on the other golem, Dr Mystic is again able to establish control. With a wry smile, he directs the golem to smash the tower being built by its compatriot. Like the first, it dutifully ambles over and pushes over the small pile. This little drama continues as the fight with the Wizard rages on.

The Truth finally manages to find a weak spot and shoot a dart through the Wizard’s electro defenses. In quick succession he manages to score several hits with his tranquilizer gun.

Groggy from the darts, the Wizard attempts to escape, but is caught and brought down by Ironsides.

Hog-tied on the ground, the Wizard explains why there are only 4 heroes. Only true humans could come through, he explains. Aliens, mutants, automatons, and such were barred from entering his dimension. True humans, he says, are the future. Again, he accuses the heroes of betraying their own kind.

From the village, a group of villagers comes, carrying the bodies of the three trapped heroes, no longer encased in crystal. One of the villagers carries a long spear suffused with magical energy.

Miming out the actions, the villager explains how he used the spear to shatter the crystal prisons and free each of the heroes.

Seeing the heroes out in the open, the Wizard exclaims, “Do you know what you have done? You have destroyed us all!” He goes on to explain that the life force of the heroes was what sustained the pocket dimension, and now it was collapsing. As he spoke, the heroes noticed that the sky was darkening, and the ground began to shake.

Just then, The Truth received a faint transmission on his communicator. “crackle hiss back to the portal hiss hiss can’t hold it open much crackle” Realizing that their passage home is in danger, the heroes grab the 3 unconscious bodies and the Wizard and run back to the portal site. All around them, the pocket dimension begins to crumble.

Reaching through the portal is a single grasping hand. Linking their own hands, Ironsides grabs the solitary hand and they are pulled into the portal. As they enter, the pocket dimension collapses and explodes, sending a shockwave into the portal after them. They are buffeted about and lose consciousness.

Awakening back in Stantonia, they find all the other heroes that tried to enter the portal. However, the Wizard is nowhere to be found. He never came through, say the other heroes.

And that’s how we defeated the Wizard and destroyed his pocket dimension! What happened to him? Where did he end up? What sort of trouble does he have planned for Arkanopolis? These are questions surely to be confronted 40 years in the future by the Gossamer City Guardians!

Heroes in jail
We all have to start somewhere.

In Gossamer City, the seedy heart of Arkanopolis, a group of unlikely, wannabe heroes sits in jail, arrested on various charges.

Sitting on a bench at the side of the cell is Frank. Wearing camo fatigues and relaxing against the wall, he pulls out a cigar he somehow managed to smuggle into the jail cell. Producing a lit match from somewhere, he lights up and begins puffing away contentedly.

Peacefully resting on the floor, sitting cross-legged, is a pale man in a brown trenchcoat. Going only be the name of Mindflux, he absently rubs his bald head.

In one corner, restlessly pacing back and forth is a young man in sweat pants and a hooded sweatshirt pulled up. His name is James Rhodes, and being in jail is a violation of his probation. If his probation officer finds out about this jail visit, he’ll have a lot of explaining to do. Still, that would be nothing compared to what would happen if anyone ever finds out that James Rhodes is actually the young hero who goes by Retread!

Finally, an obviously crazy man is playing with the bars of the cell. Wearing a red cape and a bright blue jumpsuit with a giant ‘Q’ on the front, he keeps pushing himself up against the bars, seemingly frustrated that they prevent him from moving through. He goes by the name of Captain Quantum.

Everyone in the cell is fairly amiable, and they start trading stories of what they’re doing there. Frank got in a bar fight, and James was speeding on his new motorcycle. Mindflux and Capt. Quantum were arrested for just being weird, and in Quantum’s case, probably crazy.

Suddenly, from outside the jail, they hear an explosion. Cops begin racing past the cell, heading outside to see what happened.

Unable to sit still any longer, the four inmates begin calling for a guard. After a short wait, a guard approachedsthe cell.

Without warning, Capt. Q twists space, switching places with the guard outside the cell. While the guard stands dumbfounded, James is the first to react. From inside his clothes, he pulls what looks like a short metal rod. Pressing a hidden button on one side, a blue cord of pure energy springs from the end, coiling on the floor.

Whipping his electro line in a short arc, James wraps up the guard and slams him against the wall, hoping to knock him unconscious. Unfortunately, James uses excessive force, severly injuring the guard, nearly killing him. Kneeling over the guard as he lies dying, James’s eyes fill with tears.

“I never meant for this to happen. I just wanted to knock him out so we could escape,” pleads James.

Taking a drag off of his cigar, Frank pushes James aside and kneels next to the guard. Placing his hand on the guard’s body, a faint purple glow surrounds him. Within moments, the guard is breathing much easier and his wounds have mostly healed.

Frank stands and grabs hold of the bars of the cell. With a faint grunt, he manages to stretch the bars wide enough so that everyone can climb through. In moments, all 4 are outside the cell, running outside to see what the explosion was.

Outside the police precinct, they find pandemonium. Crazed citizens are running to and fro, and the police are unable to control it.

In the midst of all the confusion stands a crazed looking clown.


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