Across time and space, containing all that is, will be, and could be, is the multiverse. Multiple universes surging forward in time, existing in parallel, branching off in an infinitely complex pattern with each nexus of choice and opportunity. One of these universes exists not quite separate from its neighbors, running not quite parallel, not quite…rational. In it sits every travelling alien and roaming demon’s favorite rest stop. Earth-i.

On this Earth stands the greatest city on the planet, the center of humanity’s greatest hope and most shameful folly, the city of Arkanopolis. It is a city of extremes, full of the richest of the rich, and the poorest of the poor. It contains holy protectors, satanic cultists, noble heroes, wretched cowards, exotic aliens, mysterious mystics, dreamers, builders.

It is a city in which anyone and everyone feels motivated to make their dreams come true – and shows just exactly how strange most people’s dreams really are.


Micah Shun riznagan Findail